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Krebs Cycle Without Catalyst: A Study That Alters the Fundamental Understanding Of the Origin of Life

Krebs cycle without catalyst: a study that alters the fundamental understanding of the origin of life A new study is published on the 16th of...

A Viral ‘Molecular Scissor’ Identified As The Next Potential COVID-19 Drug Target

Viral Molecular Scissor for COVID-19 Potential Covid-19 Drug Target For COVID-19 drug design, a new approach for inhibiting a molecular "scissor" used by the virus to...

Scientists Develop Octopus Inspired Sucker To Transfer Delicate Tissue Grafts And Biosensors

Transfering thin, delicate tissue grafts and biosensors using Octopus-inspired sucker Thin tissue grafts and flexible electronics plays a great role in wound recovery, biosensing, and...