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African Scientists Seek Fair Research Opportunities to Combat Growing Cancer Crisis

Research opportunities to african scientists to combat cancer crisis

Eve Namisango, a clinical epidemiologist and palliative care expert in Uganda, spent four years searching for funding to study better care for patients with complex diseases like cancer in resource-limited settings. She, along with colleagues from Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe, received a £180,000 grant from the UK’s Medical Research Council to investigate patient-centered care in Africa. This funding was essential because Uganda and other African countries lack adequate research resources for diseases like cancer.

Cancer is a growing concern in Africa, but research on it is limited. A study led by Miriam Mutebi found that African countries produced much less research on cancer compared to infectious diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, most research papers from Africa had non-African authors, and funding and infrastructure for cancer research were lacking in many African countries.

To address these challenges, African researchers are working on collaborations with scientists from high-income countries. They are also advocating for policies to prevent exploitation by researchers and funders from wealthier nations. There is hope that Africa’s capacity for cancer research is expanding, with more young researchers showing interest in the field and efforts to improve cancer care.

One example of progress is Johnblack Kabukye, who develops tools to help African healthcare workers provide better care for cancer patients. Another example is Yaw Bediako, who is developing cancer diagnostics and treatments tailored to Africans in Ghana. Bediako believes Africa can lead in ethical and patient-centered medical research, drawing from its collective values and sensibilities.

Research Opportunities to African Scientist, Research Opportunities to African Scientist



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