Early Trials Data Reveals Good Immune Response Of CureVac COVID-19 Vaccine

Early trials of CureVac COVID-19 vaccine shows good immune response  

CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine under development has shown good immune response in early trials, proving the biotech firm’s two decades of research study into carrier RNA’s capacity to train the body’s defenses.

The company stated that the vaccine’s best dosage created an immune response similar to that present in recuperated patients in an early-stage examination on more than 250 volunteers. Franz-Werner Haas, CEO of CureVac NV, stated that sophisticated scientific trials are on track to commence by year-end.

Haas claimed that this technology is not only for the COVID-19- in the next 5 years, it is for the COVID-25, or whatever it may be. He added that this method might revolutionize the whole prophylactic vaccine area.

Haas said the firm held extensive discussions in January to determine whether to repurpose its research study, utilizing a few of it to establish a COVID-19 jab.

Haas stated that it was certainly a large go for a firm like them, and they chose not to do; it would not be an option.

The stage 1 trial data revealed a solid induction of binding and neutralizing of antibodies and the primary indicators that T cells – a type of WBC that aids in destroying infection – had been triggered, said the company. The complete outcomes will certainly be released in more detail after peer review in the following days.

The trial consisted of 10 individuals who had already tested positive for COVID-19. CureVac has begun few middle-stage tests in Peru and Panama with adults of more than 60 years in September.

Haas repeated the company’s rejection that the U.S. tried to buy the firm. He said that there was no official or unofficial or oral or written offer up to his knowledge.

Germany’s government agreed to obtain a 23% stake in the firm for 350 million dollars in June, and in August, CureVac listed in the U.S.



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