P&G Hiring PhD Biology Candidates – R&D PhD Engineer Vacancy

P&G Hiring PhD Biology Candidates – R&D PhD Engineer Vacancy

The Digital Innovation organization is charged with transforming how science and engineering is done by leveraging a range of digital methods ranging from computer simulation to data engineering and analysis. This requires both Engineering / Science skills AND data expertise in data engineering, analysis, and modeling. This is not separate work from traditional R&D but rather reinventing how we do R&D in an increasingly data-rich and simulation-driven world.


Job locations: Mason, Ohio, United States

Job Type: Full time

Job categories: Research And Development

Req No: R000027850

Eligibility Criteria:

Ph.D. degree in important to P&G innovation: Biology, Physics, and related degrees.

Demonstrated experience/expertise:

a) Database and Programming experience (demonstrated real-world skills) with databases (relational, graph, NoSQL, MongoDB), data modeling, and relevant programming tools such as SQL, Python.

b) Exposure to cloud technologies (MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) and Database technology (Hadoop, MS SQL Server)

Technical curiosity and rigor. The ultimate goal is more effective data usage in R&D leading to faster learning and additional insights. Successful individuals use data and models to create causal understanding and identify opportunity areas where innovation is required to solve technical challenges. Previous work in Manufacturing, Product or Process development, and measurement science is a plus.

Collaboration skills. This role requires collaboration and agility to work well with multiple platforms, suppliers, manufacturing plants partners to resolve technical issues associated with material delivery.

Excellent written and communication skills: Once we have determined better ways to analyze data, communicate of these insights, effective communication is needed to be successful.

Sense of urgency and discipline in operation. We run a fast-moving business with dynamic needs.

Leadership, collaboration combined with problem-solving in the product and process development areas; passion to win, yet the ability to listen and integrate input from others to enlarge the value; on-going effort to improve productivity and decision making.

P&G Hiring PhD Biology

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