News Reducing Risk Of Infection With New Coronavirus Nose Masks

Reducing Risk Of Infection With New Coronavirus Nose Masks


Coronavirus Nose Mask Invented

A new type of face mask which covers only the nose was developed by a team of medical professionals. While health workers eat, this mask is to be used.

At the Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai, Dr. Jiang Jinjun of the pneumology department developed a prototype of the new mask, according to the China News Service.

Healthcare workers working among coronavirus patients had the need to remove the standard face masks while eating and this was of concern to Dr. Jiang. He said, “The risk of getting infect is high even though the time required to remove the mask to eat or drink is short. Doctors and nurses work for long hours in the hospital and when they remove the mask to eat, there are highly exposed to infections.”

In hopes of mass-producing the gear, on 10 February the team applied for a patent. Shanghai Longhon and Luolai Group, two manufacturers reportedly agreed to produce the masks. To the hospitals in Wuhan, over 20,000 pieces of the mask were delivered by the end of February.

However, on social media, the mask appears to have raised more questions about how useful it is.

One person said: “Good work. Now all you need to do is stop the virus being absorbed into the eyes and mouth and you’ve got it sorted.”

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Another said: “Is this cowboy-style hanky around the face any less effective than a strip of paper??”

The transmission of viruses similar to COVID-19 is most commonly through cough droplets, however, there is no solid evidence on how the virus is transmitted, according to the NHS.

It is recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that if the virus is airborne, the healthcare professionals must take precautions including using face masks. Until enough time has passed for sufficient air changes to remove potentially infectious particles when a coronavirus patient vacates a room, entering the room must be avoided.

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Author: Prathibha HC


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