Scientist Cardiovascular Discovery Biology Vacancy @ BMS – Apply Now

Scientist Cardiovascular Discovery Biology Vacancy @ BMS – Apply Now

We are seeking an experienced, knowledgeable, and self-motivated scientist to join our Cardiovascular Discovery Biology team to support cardiovascular research and early discovery efforts within the BMS organization. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with drug discovery and translational science teams in a variety of disciplines to explore novel approaches to enable a mechanistic understanding of small molecule modulators, as well as provide laboratory and experimental support for cardiovascular research programs.

Job Title: Scientist Cardiovascular Discovery Biology

Location: Brisbane, California

Eligbility Criteria

  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology. Or
  • Masters with 3+ years of academic/industry experience. Or
  • Bachelors with 5+ years of academic/industry experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Broad experience in developing and optimizing biochemical/biophysical assays (e.g.TR-FRET, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, SPR).
  • Hands-on experience in enzyme kinetics and knowledge of stopped-flow kinetics is preferred.
  • Hands-on experience of characterizing small molecule modulators using biochemical/biophysical methods is a plus.
  • Knowledge and experience in sarcomere biology and CV diseases (a strong plus).
  • Experience with molecular cloning, gene editing is a plus.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, ability to develop new techniques and methodologies.
  • Excellent laboratory skills, prioritizing accurate and reproducible work.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, collaborative, and able to work effectively in a multidisciplinary discovery team.
  • Good interpersonal communication and presentation skills are essential.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities:

  • Characterize protein targets involved in cardiac diseases as well as determine the molecular mechanism of action of drug candidates.
  • Develop and implement novel biochemical/biophysical assays to investigate how potential therapeutic agents modulate the targeted protein function.
  • Characterize small molecule modulators using biochemical and biophysical assays to support Hit-to-lead, Lead-optimization, mechanism of action, and translational efforts.
  • Conducting scientific research to understand the molecular mechanism of CV disease and define new therapeutic targets.
  • Present experimental hypotheses plans and results at internal and external meetings.
  • The scientist will work in a multidisciplinary environment and is expected to collaborate effectively with colleagues across the organization.

Scientist Cardiovascular Discovery Biology

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