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Apertor Pharmaceuticals Hiring Cancer Biology Scientists – Apply Online

Scientist at Apertor Pharmaceuticals Inc. Interested candidates can check the details given below and apply online.

Job role: Scientist II/III, Cancer Biology

Job location: Alameda, CA

Category: Biology

Job type: Full-Time

Based in Alameda CA, Apertor Pharmaceuticals Inc. was founded in November 2020 and will bring new therapies to patients by leveraging synthetic biology-enabled molecular glue design.

We are seeking a Scientist II/III to assist in designing, optimizing, and conducting cell-based assays for functional testing of drug leads. The successful candidate will be a self-directed scientist overseeing Assay Development and executing experiments to credential the cellular activity of candidate molecules. They will work in a highly matrixed environment and extensively collaborate with multidisciplinary groups including members of management to meet goals.

Primary Responsibilities of Scientist at Apertor Pharmaceuticals Inc:

  • Develop and implement scalable assays to identify therapeutic mechanism-of-action (MOA) and to identify lead molecules.
  • Establish biochemical, cell-based and translational assays, perform data analysis/interpretation, and organize findings into presentations to communicate results to project teams and management to enable GO/NO GO decisions.
  • Explore novel experimental approaches by routinely investigating/creating innovative processes, hypotheses and methodologies.
  • Provide scientific expertise to the project team and provide critical path assessments.
  • Document experimental details, data, and findings.

Required Qualifications

Scientist II: Ph.D + postdoc and/or industry (1-2 yr)

Scientist III: Ph.D + postdoc and/or industry (2-5 yr)

Candidates should be from Cancer Biology, Oncology, Immunology or a related field, with research experience in cancer biology.

  • Strong understanding of cancer cell signaling and familiarity with drug discovery and early development processes.
  • Familiar with designing, optimizing and conducting phosphorylation assays, cell cycle and cytotoxicity assays, protein measurement (Western Blot, immunoprecipitation assays, and multi-color flow cytometry).
  • Excellent communication skills – can communicate effectively in a dynamic and cross-disciplinary environment.

Desirable Qualifications for Scientist at Apertor Pharmaceuticals Inc:

  • Prior experience in performing in vitro pharmacology experiments with small molecules is a plus.
  • Ability to rapidly adapt to changing priorities and deadlines in a dynamic, fast paced biotech environment
  • Familiarity working with tumor organoids.
  • Familiarity working with qPCR, single-cell and bulk RNAseq, microscopy, IHC and quantitative image analysis.
  • Experience in various preclinical in vivo cancer models.


Here are few interview questions with answers for this job role Scientist at Apertor Pharmaceuticals Inc:

1. Can you describe your experience with designing and optimizing cell-based assays for cancer research?

Answer: “Certainly. In my previous role as a Scientist, I was responsible for designing and optimizing cell-based assays for cancer research. I have extensive experience in developing assays that evaluate the mechanism of action of potential therapeutic molecules. This includes designing assays to assess cancer cell signaling, performing cell cycle and cytotoxicity assays, and measuring protein levels using techniques like Western Blot and immunoprecipitation. I believe my hands-on experience in assay development will be an asset to Apertor Pharmaceuticals.”

2. How do you stay updated on the latest advancements in cancer biology and drug discovery?

Answer: “I understand the importance of staying current in the rapidly evolving field of cancer biology. I regularly read scientific journals, attend conferences, and participate in webinars and workshops related to cancer research and drug discovery. Additionally, I actively engage in discussions with colleagues and experts in the field to exchange knowledge and insights. This continuous learning process helps me incorporate the latest advancements into my work and contributes to staying at the forefront of cancer research.”

3. Can you provide an example of a challenging project where you had to adapt to changing priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced biotech environment?

Answer: “Certainly. In a previous role, we were working on a time-sensitive cancer drug discovery project. Midway through the project, we received new data that required us to shift our focus and modify our experimental approach. This change was challenging, as it impacted our initial timelines. To address this, I collaborated closely with my team, reprioritized tasks, and adjusted our experimental plans accordingly. Despite the unexpected shift, we not only met the revised deadlines but also achieved significant progress. This experience taught me the importance of adaptability and effective teamwork in a fast-paced biotech environment.”

4. How would you contribute to the collaborative and multidisciplinary nature of our team at Apertor Pharmaceuticals?

Answer: “I believe my background and experience align well with Apertor Pharmaceuticals’ collaborative culture. In my previous roles, I’ve actively collaborated with cross-functional teams, including chemists, biologists, and management, to achieve project goals. I bring strong communication skills and a collaborative mindset to the table. I understand the importance of sharing findings, insights, and progress effectively with team members, which is essential for making informed decisions. My goal is to contribute my scientific expertise, adaptability, and proactive communication to enhance the collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts within the team and drive our research forward.”



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