Dice Bioinformatics Engineer Vacancy 2021 – Candidates Apply Online

Dice Bioinformatics Engineer Vacancy 2021 – Candidates Apply Online

Job Title: Bioinformatics Engineer

Vertical: Pharmaceutical

Address City: San Diego, CA

Country: US

Position starting out 100% remote due to COVID-19.

Anticipated duties.

  • Work closely with world-class scientists, bioinformaticians, and developers to advance the discovery of new biologic medicine.
  • Develop and maintain production-quality bioinformatics analysis pipelines for single-cell BCR NGS, protein property prediction, etc.
  • Perform bioinformatics analysis to answer research questions.
  • Evaluate the performance of new algorithms and implement them into scientific workflows.


  • Basic understanding of molecular biology – DNA/RNA/protein sequence and structure, cells, NGS
  • Solid foundation in computer programming – understanding of OOP, data structures, and error handling. Python is a must.
  • Experience developing scientific pipelines with rigorous engineering is strongly preferred
  • Basic understanding of statistics and data visualization
  • Strong problem-solving skills – able to see the big picture AND the details, and know what questions to ask.

Technical Qualifications:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Protein level; structure (optional)
  • Sequence alignments
  • HMM models for structure, function
  • Statistics
  • Strong Python
  • AWS compute technologies
  • Agile experience
  • Relational database and warehouse schema experience
  • Experience in processing NGS data and track-record delivering bioinformatics or cheminformatics analyses
  • Experience with containerization via Docker, Singularity, etc
  • Experience with pipeline definition languages and tools, such as WDL, Cromwell, Snakemake, etc

Dice Bioinformatics Engineer Vacancy

Apply Online


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