Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Launches Firm To Discover Drugs Using AI

Isomorphic Labs To Discover Drugs: Launched By Google’s Parent Company Alphabet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has launched Isomorphic Labs – a new drug discovery company in the United Kingdom.

The new department was spun out of DeepMind, the London research laboratory of “Alphabet.” DeepMind’s algorithms have made significant progress in predicting the protein shapes, a technology that can accelerate the development of new drugs and lift the pharma industry.

The firm will establish on research carried out by DeepMind, a London-based AI laboratory that Google acquired in 2014.

Demis Hassabis, DeepMind’s CEO and co-founder, is also the founder and CEO of Isomorphic Labs. He will retain DeepMind’s CEO position.

Isomorphic Labs, according to Hassabis, is a commercial enterprise with the goal of reimagining the whole drug discovery process from the basics.

An official from Isomorphic Lab reiterated that the firm is independent of DeepMind and has its own resources. However, in the early days of hiring, teams from both firms may work together.

Isomorphic Labs aims to develop novel drugs and medicines using AI software.

Developing new drugs is a lengthy, complex trial-and-error method that entails combining several compounds in multiple ways. Many firms, including BenevolentAI and Atomwise, believe that AI can accelerate the process.

Hassabis stated that they think that the fundamental application of advanced computational and AI methods can aid researchers to take their work to the next phase and considerably expedite the drug discovery process.

He further added that AI methods would be increasingly utilized for data analysis and to formulate strong predictive and generative models of complicated biological phenomena.

Alphabet has many other healthcare firms, including Verily, which develops software for the healthcare industry, and Calico, which works on aging and prolonging human life.

DeepMind has also served on health care, and it previously had its own DeepMind Health unit.

DeepMind has continued research in other fields of life science, making breakthroughs in protein folding. Last year, the firm declared developing an AI system capable of precisely predicting the structure that proteins will fold into in a few days, thereby resolving a 50-year-old difficulty.


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