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P&G PhD Microbiologist Vacancy 2021 – Candidates Apply Online

P&G PhD Microbiologist Vacancy 2021 – Candidates Apply Online

P&G is the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world. We have operations in over 75 countries, with 65 trusted brands that improve lives for 5 billion consumers worldwide. Responsible for leading and influencing technical project direction that solves significant technical problems by leveraging scientific/engineering skills and strong foundational Biosciences understanding developed through hands-on experimentation/application.

Performs Application work and demonstrates implementation skills leveraging knowledge that moves their project forward and also begins to gain exposure to and demonstrate initial proficiency in performing integration work.

Job Title: Ph.D. microbiologist with basic virology experience

Eligibility Criteria: We are looking for someone with a Ph.D. in Microbiology.

Specific skill sets needed:

  • Plan and conduct complex research projects, such as microbiome profiling of different environments including self and the built environment.
  • Design and Perform laboratory experiments to understand the Mode Of Action of antimicrobials/ antiviral agents to successfully drive hygiene programs.
  • Supervise the work of biological technicians and researchers and evaluate the accuracy of their results.
    Stay connected with regulatory bodies and monitor and predict new emerging pathogens
  • Have in-depth knowledge of molecular tools and techniques (genomics/ multiplexing/ transcriptomics etc.)
  • Automate standard methods to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Be well connected to external capabilities and lead C&D to leverage a skill set that does not exist internally
  • Be an expert in host-microbiome interaction and integrated models; apply phenomics to gain a holistic understanding of the diseased state to allow the development of an intervention strategy.
  • Create technical strategies to develop new methods to influence FDA/ EPA
  • Develop powerful demos and visuals to drive in-market sales (via in-store demos and ads) and strengthen technical product story
  • Need experienced and expertise in Fungal Biology.

Need the following basic Virologist Responsibilities:

  • Employ specialized serological and molecular techniques in order to study viruses.
  • Have the know-how on propagating various viruses on relevant cell lines and successfully maintaining them.
  • Be able to Identify different viruses and their properties, through microscopic examination.
  • Perform chemical analyses on substances released by viruses when they interact with organic matter, such as acids, enzymes, and alcohol secretions.
  • Develop models with viruses and cell lines to screen technologies

P&G PhD Microbiologist

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