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PhD Projects in UK – Applications are Invited at Schumann Lab

A 2024 Crick Ph.D. project with Ben Schumann

PhD Projects in UK – Applications are Invited at Schumann Lab, Welcome to the Crick Institute! We are a renowned multidisciplinary group at the forefront of chemical biology and cell biology research. Our team, led by Ben Schumann, is focused on understanding the intricacies of protein glycosylation and its impact on physiological properties. We are currently seeking a talented individual to join our team for a Crick PhD project.

Position: 2024 Crick PhD Project (Ph.D. Program)

Application close date: 09 November 2023, 12:00 GMT

Project Background and Description:

  • Glycosylation is the most abundant and complex posttranslational protein modification.
  • It plays a crucial role in protein function and interacts with other biomolecules. However, the complexity of glycans and their biosynthesis is still not fully understood.
  • In particular, individual glycosyltransferases, which are responsible for glycan biosynthesis, have significant implications in diseases such as cancer.
  • Our project aims to shed light on how glycan biosynthesis is coordinated and provide insights into the activities of individual glycosyltransferases.
  • We have developed a cutting-edge tactic called bump-and-hole engineering, which allows us to directly profile the substrates of individual glycosyltransferase enzymes on cells and in living animals.
  • By engineering glycosyltransferases to accept modified nucleotide-sugar substrates, we can transfer modified sugars to substrate proteins for profiling using click chemistry, imaging, and mass spectrometry.
  • We have optimized methods for the biosynthesis of nucleotide sugars and mass spectrometry analysis.

Candidate Background:

  • We are looking for a talented candidate with a background in chemical biology, chemistry, or biochemistry.
  • The ideal candidate should have experience in imaging, molecular biology, and tissue culture, with a strong interest in modern quantitative biosciences.
  • Knowledge of synthetic chemistry is desirable but not essential.
  • The successful candidate(s) will be expected to adhere to the highest laboratory safety standards and contribute to our inclusive group atmosphere characterized by respect and integrity.



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