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Postdoctoral Research Position @ University of Missouri Graduate School

Postdoctoral Research for Life Science Postdoctoral Research Position for Agricultural, Biological, or Environmental Engineering at Columbia- University of Missouri Graduate School

Postdoctoral Research for Life Science in Columbia

Explore exciting research possibilities as a Postdoctoral Researcher for LifeScience at Columbia – University of Missouri Graduate School. Join our renowned institution to further your academic journey and contribute to cutting-edge research in a vibrant and supportive academic environment.

Job Title: Post Doctoral Researcher 

Location: Columbia

Full/PartTime: Full-Time

Description of Postdoctoral Research for Life Science:

  • A Postdoctoral Researcher position is available for 1.5 years for a grant-funded integrated project. The grant project is with multiple Universities working together on both research and extension tasks, especially on building a decision-making tool. 
  • The postdoctoral researcher will collaborate with the national agricultural community to encourage systematic evaluation of manure management systems, and the adoption of nutrient removal water recycling technology.
  • The postdoc researcher will have opportunities working with innovative farmers and industry partners, to collect information for the research project and to address on-farm implementation. 
  • Successful candidates will be expected to analyze data, prepare reports and submit manuscripts in a timely fashion for project and peer-reviewed publications, train and mentor students, and assist with proposal writing.

Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. in Agricultural, Biological, or Environmental Engineering, or a related field by the time of appointment.


Requirements: Must have a valid US driver’s license or the ability to obtain a driver’s license soon. Travel to different parts of the US is needed to visit industry partners and farms, and to collect field data.


Possible Interview Question and Answer:

1.Can you describe your experience with integrated research projects involving multiple institutions, and how do you foresee collaborating effectively in a multidisciplinary research team for this project?
Sample Answer: I have experience working on collaborative research projects with multiple institutions during my doctoral studies. In such projects, clear communication and role delineation are key. I believe in establishing regular meetings, setting clear project objectives, and assigning responsibilities based on expertise. This ensures that everyone is aligned towards the project’s success.

  • 2.What is your familiarity with decision-making tools in the context of agriculture or environmental science, and how would you approach the development of such a tool as part of this project?
    Sample Answer: I have worked with decision support tools during my previous research projects. To develop one for this project, I would first conduct a comprehensive needs assessment with stakeholders to understand their requirements. Then, I would collaborate closely with experts in the field to design a tool that is user-friendly and meets the project’s objectives.
  • 3.Could you share your perspective on the importance of systematic evaluation of manure management systems and the adoption of nutrient removal water recycling technology within the national agricultural community?
    Sample Answer: Systematic evaluation of manure management and the adoption of nutrient removal water recycling are critical for sustainable agriculture. These practices not only reduce environmental impacts but also enhance farm profitability. By implementing these technologies, we can ensure a healthier ecosystem, protect water quality, and contribute to a more resilient agricultural sector.
  • 4. How do you plan to engage with innovative farmers and industry partners to gather relevant data for the research project, and how would you ensure a successful on-farm implementation?
    Sample Answer: I believe in building strong relationships with farmers and industry partners. I would start by conducting outreach and workshops to educate them about the benefits of our research. To ensure successful implementation, I would work closely with them, addressing their concerns and adapting our approach as needed. Collaboration and open communication are key.
  • 5. What specific data analysis techniques and methodologies are you proficient in, and how would you apply them to process and interpret the research data effectively?
    Sample Answer: I have expertise in various data analysis techniques, including statistical analysis, GIS, and modeling. For this project, I would use a combination of these methods to analyze the data comprehensively. Additionally, I would employ advanced software and tools to ensure robust data interpretation and visualization, facilitating meaningful insights for our research goals.
  • 6. What strategies would you employ to ensure timely submission of project reports and manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications?
    Sample Answer: To ensure timely submissions, I would establish a project timeline with clear milestones and deadlines. I’ll also regularly communicate with team members to monitor progress and address any potential delays. Moreover, I’m highly organized and proficient in project management software, which will help streamline the publication process.
  • 7. In what ways have you contributed to the development of successful research proposals, and how can you assist in proposal writing for future projects at our institution?
    Sample Answer: I have actively contributed to the development of research proposals in the past, both as a primary author and a collaborator. I can bring my experience in crafting compelling research narratives, designing methodological approaches, and conducting thorough literature reviews to assist in proposal writing. My attention to detail and knowledge of grant application processes would be valuable assets to the team.
  • 8. Can you describe any experience you have working with extension tasks or outreach programs, and how do you envision contributing to such activities in this role?
    Sample Answer: I have engaged in extension tasks and outreach programs during my doctoral studies, which involved translating research findings into practical recommendations for stakeholders. In this role, I would actively participate in extension activities by organizing workshops, webinars, and seminars to disseminate our research findings to the agricultural community. I believe in fostering a strong connection between research and real-world applications.
  • 9.How would you handle situations where research results or data indicate unexpected outcomes or challenges?
    Sample Answer: Unforeseen outcomes are not uncommon in research. In such situations, I would first conduct a thorough analysis to understand the underlying factors. Then, I would consult with colleagues and experts to brainstorm potential solutions or adaptations to the research plan. Adaptability and a willingness to learn from unexpected results are crucial for making meaningful progress in research.

10.What do you see as the most significant contribution you can make to this interdisciplinary research project, and how does it align with your long-term career goals?
Sample Answer: My primary contribution to this project would be my ability to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical applications. I’m passionate about translating research into actionable solutions, and I believe this aligns perfectly with the project’s goals. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary nature of this project complements my long-term career goal of becoming a research leader in sustainable agriculture and environmental science.

Postdoctoral Research for Life Science, Postdoctoral Research for Life Science



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