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Promega Research Scientist Intern Recruitment For Life Sciences

Promega Research Scientist Intern Recruitment For Life Sciences

Promega Research Scientist Intern Recruitment For Life Sciences. We celebrate scientific discovery and the creative application of science to solve problems. Our relationships with our customers, partners and vendors are central to everything we do.

Research Scientist Intern

Work Location: Madison

Category: Research & Development

Job Code: 2021-2900

Job Description


We are a group of motivated and energetic R&D Scientists. At the heart of our team is the desire to create biochemical tools that allow other scientists to answer critical questions relevant to biology, drug-discovery, food science, etc. We focus on the development of reagents used to prepare protein samples for analysis by mass spectrometry. In addition to our brand new fully-equipped biochemical laboratory, we have a multitude of analytical instruments including a high-resolution Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer and several HPLCs. Our team has a long history of developing best-in-class products and we network with customers around the world to test these products. In many cases, these collaborations lead to peer-reviewed publications or presentations at conferences.


We are looking for an undergraduate or graduate student with experience in, or with an interest in learning about mass spec sample preparation and development of novel technologies relevant to mass spec/proteomic workflows. These technologies include tools for proteolysis, sample cleanup, fractionation, enrichment, and quantitative proteomics. As part of this internship, you will help design and implement experiments needed for product development, generate critical application data, learn to operate and program scientific instrumentation (mass spectrometry and liquid handlers), and receive instruction on the use of multiple software packages needed to process qualitative and quantitative proteomic data.


Principally involved in helping with the execution of laboratory experiments related to mass spec sample preparation. Carry out and understand intent of experiments with direction. Training position. Receives daily supervision on routine work.


  1. Primary author for contributions to internal technical literature, abstracts, patents or journal articles.
  2. Contribute to preparation or evaluation of patents.
  3. Communicate problems, ideas and suggestions to appropriate person or group.
  4. Direct others on a designated project.
  5. Independently develop project plans and manage project timelines.
  6. Recognized as scientific expert in multiple areas of specialization and provide scientific leadership.
  7. Ability to suggest novel and innovative approaches.
  8. Work at bench.
  9. Understands and complies with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.MANDATORY QUALIFICATIONS:

Must be currently enrolled in a degree program in the life sciences (biology, chemistry, etc.).


  1. Ability to work at lab bench or fume hood for extended period of time.
  2. Ability to wear protection gear (gloves, lab coat, safety glasses, etc.).
  3. Ability to operate a computer.




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