Research Assistant Jobs in UK – Imperial College London is Hiring- Apply Online

Research Jobs in UK – Imperial College London is Hiring

About the Company:

Research Jobs in UK, Imperial College London is seeking a Research Assistant to join the team working on the Stratification of Clinically Vulnerable People for COVID-19 Risk Using Antibody Testing (STRAVINSKY) study. This study, funded by the NIHR, aims to identify which immunosuppressed individuals remain at the highest risk of severe COVID-19 infection even after vaccination. The focus will be on priority groups for COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations, including immunocompromised individuals and non-responsive vaccine recipients. This study is critical in understanding and addressing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on these vulnerable individuals. Join us in this important research effort to make a difference.

Role: Research Assistant – Stravinsky Study

Location: Hammersmith Campus – On-site only

Reference: MED04130

Position type: Full-time, fixed-term

Salary: £40,694 – £43,888 plus benefits

Department: Department of Immunology and Inflammation

Job Summary:

  • The NIHR has funded the new “Stratification of Clinically Vulnerable People for COVID-19 Risk Using Antibody Testing (STRAVINSKY)” study.
  • Researchers will determine if antibody testing can identify which immunosuppressed people remain at greatest risk of severe COVID-19 infection after vaccinations.
  • The study will focus on priority groups for COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations.
  • This includes immunocompromised people and those who do not respond well to vaccination.
  • COVID-19 infections have disproportionately affected this group.
  • It will involve 3000 immunocompromised participants over two years. 2,600 participants will receive a finger-prick antibody test. And 400 will receive more detailed immune analyses.
  • The post holder will become part of the team based at Imperial, supporting the processing of samples collected as part of the detailed immune analyses.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The post holder will be based at the Hammersmith Hospital Campus of Imperial College London and will provide support for the Stravinsky Study.
  • This will involve:

(i) processing and storage of samples following standard operating procedures, and

(ii) updating clinical databases to maintain accurate and timely phenotyping of research samples.

Essential Requirements:

  • We are looking for candidates with a Master’s in Biology or a closely related discipline, or equivalent research, industrial, or commercial experience.
  • It is essential that you can work independently and collaboratively and have knowledge of research databases and clinical sample collection and storage.

Closing date: 2 December 2023



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