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Schrödinger Computational Biology Intern Vacancy – Apply Online

Schrödinger Computational Biology Intern Vacancy – Apply Online

Schrödinger is seeking a Computational Biology Intern to work on new and exciting drug discovery and development programs.

Our company aims to revolutionize drug design through the use of breakthrough computational methods. Our powerful platform is transforming the discovery of novel therapeutics, and we’re developing a strong preclinical pipeline and portfolio in multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology and neurology.

Job Title: Computational Biology Intern

Location: New York

What you should have:

  • A graduate major in computational biology, bioinformatics, statistics, computer science or a related field
  • Broad background in computational biology and exposure to machine learning
  • Experience analyzing genomics and multi-omics data, especially with large public data sets
  • Experience with cell line drug sensitivity and CRISPR screen data is a plus
  • Experience with drug combination modeling and prediction is a plus

Who will love this job:

  • A capable collaborator and scientist who’s eager to learn and adopt novel methodologies to answer biological questions, while applying their experience with large data consortia and genomic data
  • A proficient R and/or Python programmer who’s familiar with machine learning and AI methodology applied to biological data
  • An excellent verbal and written communicator

What you’ll do:

  • Work on programs in early drug discovery and translational research with a group of energetic scientists and developers
  • Apply modern machine learning, deep learning and AI methods to novel biological discovery and biomarker development
  • Interpret and visualize analysis results in a way that facilitates biological or disease discovery
  • Facilitate translational biology research by finding and applying new genomic data sources

Schrödinger Computational Biology Intern

Apply Online



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