Nestle QC Lab Intern Vacancy – Food Tech/Biology/Microbiology

Nestle QC Lab Intern Vacancy – Food Tech/Biology/Microbiology

As a leader in the science of nutrition, Nestlé Health Science believes in empowering healthier lives for patients and consumers through a rich product portfolio featuring top brands such as Garden of Life®, Nature’s Bounty®, Vital Proteins®, Nuun®, Persona Nutrition®, BOOST®, Carnation Breakfast Essentials®, Peptamen®, Compleat Organic Blends®, and more, as well as through Aimmune Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies to prevent, manage and treat food, GI and metabolic-related diseases.

Job Title: QC Lab Intern


Provide professional support by performing and timely communicating the necessary quality tests and analyses required for product safety and quality. Conduct analyses of incoming materials, in-line samples, semi-finished product, and finished product in order to assess their conformance to established quality standards.


  • Microbiological sampling and examinations
  • Including, but not limited to testing aseptic and terminally sterilized low-acid nutritional beverages for adherence to commercial sterility standards by pour plate streak, ATP Bioluminescence & pH testing other related physical and biological characteristics.
  • Gram Staining technique & Microscope use
  • Handling Sample Deviations & communicating specific information to QA
  • Sampling for Plant Environmental Monitoring & Media preparation for use in plating methodologies. Sampling, inspection, and audits.
  • Completes cleaning and general maintenance of laboratory and work area
  • Performs periodic maintenance and calibration of instrumentation and equipment
  • Conducts internal and external analytical reporting
  • Monitors material and reagent inventory, orders and stocks laboratory supplies
  • Provides routine communication with Factory Operations and Internal support functions to report testing status and results
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Safety and Environmental:

  • Follow factory safety & environmental objectives & targets
  • Follow the plant safety rules, report incidents & unsafe conditions immediately
  • Maintain compliance with regulations and refer to the Safety & Environmental Management System(s) on all related procedures and programs.
  • Understand the environmental aspects of the position and take action to reduce these environmental impacts by conserving paper, electricity, water etc. Will also recycle all appropriate materials (paper, plastic, food, etc.)


  • Follow factory food safety, quality objectives & targets
  • Follow Nestle Good Manufacturing Practices, report food safety and quality issues immediately.
  • Maintain compliance with regulations and refer to Nestle Quality Management System on all related procedures and programs.
  • Understand the food safety and quality aspects of the position as indicated on QMS, OJT’s and SOP’s that apply.

Throughout all of these responsibilities, maintains a focus on continuous improvement.


Required: High School Diploma

Pursuing: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (Chemistry, Food Technology, Biology, Microbiology or other related fields)


Preferred: Previous experience in another laboratory or analytical experience is an asset


  • Expertise in relevant laboratory analyses
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel required; SAP experience is preferred

Nestle QC Lab Intern Vacancy

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